[LEAKED] New Playstation Phone?

Playstation Phone 1

What sorcery is this?

A quick surf on the blogosphere reveals something loosely resembling a Playstation Phone. Thank heavens for unfaithful industry insiders.

I don’t even know if this exists, but it looks like Sony ripped the Xperia design and mounted gaming keys as well as a D-Pad. Sort of like a PSP now that I think about it.

PlayStation Phone

And look at those two circles at the center. Touch pads? I’m just speculating here, but I’m extremely excited if Sony is releasing a Playstation Phone. It looks like the thing runs on Android 2.3 and it’s model number is R800i.

At any rate, the games that it runs ought to be mind-blowingly entertaining, maybe not nearly as addictive as angry birds, but it should certainly make full use of the PSP hardware.
Rumors have already floated about some new Playstation Phone but these photos (taken from Hong Kong) seem quite convincing. If Sony announces, this I hope they do it soon.

So what do you think? Cool, or is this N-Gage all over again?

And omg, are those Mickey Mouse bedsheets?

PlayStation Phone

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