In Japan, Where Sega Games Are Controlled By Piss


You aim *there*

Sega Japan is such an innovator in a weird, gross, twisted way.

It involves piss… because most thing in Japan invariably do. I remember writing about a game a few years ago released on the Wii and it kinda relates to this.

Anyway, on to newer developments.

The game is called Toirettsu. Not much lost in translation there. Supposedly, there’s actually a bit of clever word play there, combining the words “toy,” “lets” and of course, “toilets.”

Some of the mini games include
Erasing graffiti with a hose (with pee)
Causing wind to blow under a woman’s skirt (with pee)
Shooting things from your nose (with pee)

So if you think about it, not very creative, but kinda is at the same time.

The folks behind Toirettsu want this to be installed in every possible nook and cranny in Japan. It’s making an appearance in restaurants, malls and various eateries. The aim of course is make visits to the bathroom fun and enjoyable (well more fun and enjoyable) than usual. No word on a ladies version.

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