Researchers Dress Up As Pandas In The Name Of Science

I just spat out pieces of raw chicken and downed an Asahi to bolster my spirits. Needless to say, I feel pretty badass right now. It’s safe to say that I’m running on some sort of inexplicable high right now, likely stemming from the joy of blogging and toxins from underprepared food.

I am not hallucinating…
I am not hallucinating…

A major setback in evolution

My first post in quite a while (I need a guest blogger…) strangely leads me to this.

What the hell is going on?
Chinese “scientists” have put on angry-looking bear costumes to examine unwitting pandas in their natural habitat. I scratch my head too, wondering why the pandas don’t sense that something’s a bit off.

The million-dollar reason
The people at Hetaoping Research & Conservation Centre in Western China believe that cubs will adjust better if they are cared by real pandas. I’m sold.

The problem
Maybe pandas that stupid shouldn’t be cared for. I’m kidding of course (unless you agree with me. high five)

My thoughts
This is asinine. It actually looks like somebody dressed up just so they could give some poor unsuspecting cub a sponge bath. *cough*cough* pedobear*cough*cough*
The things that are done in the name of science.

Somebody’s going to Photoshop Pedobear’s likeness in there I’m telling you… so you might as well speed it up and post this on your facebook :D

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