New iPhone App That Turns Twitter Feeds Into Video Games

It’s not as awesome as you think. Personally, I was hoping for something in the same vein as Duke Nukem – shooting things, lighting enemies on fire, being badass in general. But of course, as with all good ideas, the people behind this iPhone app are blind to it. Art breeds indifference after all.

Anyway, let’s see what they have.

Oh wow. That’s not like Duke Nukem at all…
A bunny. I see a bunny.
I see tweets cleverly made to look like hover-islands.
Hey where are the bad guys?

Right. So not a game at all then.

Admittedly this made-for-twitter app needs a bit of work. It doesn’t seem all too interactive but it is a step in the right direction. For example, tweeting a reply involves knocking up a box. Pretty creative I think. Also, from what I’ve heard, gameplay controls are quite intuitive – tilting your iPhone.

Is this the future of social media and microblogging?

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