If You Camp You Die

The new GoldenEye 007 on Wii has introduced a new “Move your feet” mode in their multiplayer system. Basically, if you stay still for more then 3 seconds, you’ll be blown up in a sea of fire and hatred.

Boy, is this long overdue.


Pictured: Justice

First off, I hate campers. I also hate my friends.

It doesn’t sit right (bazing!) when guys spend the entirety of a match not moving and counting their money. Shameless. Furthermore, I just don’t get camping. It’s boring and it ruins everything. People used to run-and-gun. Running-and-gunning was the in thing to do. You’d zoom around the map with automatic weapons and you’d take out people as you ran into them. And if that failed, you’d slap them to death.

Nowadays people hide behind boxes and commit knife crime or they plant mines on ceilings (which work very well by the way).

The “Move your feet” mode is actually one of several featured in the upcoming GoldenEye videogame. There’s a “Classic” setting that allows access to weapons from the N64 title and another one that forces gamers to play as midgets. But props to “Move your feet.” Yes. Punish the camper. And now that I think about it, the sniper. Yeah, you won’t be able to snipe with this mode on… and that might affect things.

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