Apple Introduces New Social Network: Ping


Apple is simply one of the most powerful multinational companies out there. It is currently this (_____)  close to capturing the entire Outernet.

The Plan (so far):

  1. Set up small-time computer company
  2. Win people over with cutesy apple logo
  3. Act like there really is no bigger picture
  4. Introduce iPod
  5. Completely dominate media consumption with iPhone and iPad, respectively
  6. Start social network
  7. Begin political blackmail
  8. Operation Kill Microsoft
  9. Conquer Western Hemisphere
  10. Make logo Earth’s flag

Yep… Apple has a new social network. It’s called Ping! and to me, it sounds suspiciously like Microsoft’s Bing! Hmm… something else to think about actually.

According to last day’s Apple Conference, Ping will be integrated into iTunes. Basically it allows users to see what music their friends are listening to and what concerts they’re attending. Chairman Steve Jobs said that it’ll be similar in function to Twitter and Facebook, so I imagine that most of the info shows up in News Feeds and the like. You’ll also be able to create a profile, set up info and follow like-minded fans.


The scouting report however isn’t too flattering. Seriously, check the Twittersphere. Most people are ranting on and on about how abysmal the “music recommendation” scheme is. You only get to choose 3 favorite genres, which to me is quite constricting and if you’re a user you’re sure to be turned off by the lack of openness. You can’t import contacts from Facebook or Windows either. In my eyes it just takes too much time and effort to use Ping! And to be honest, I’m Apple’s worst nightmare. I haven’t purchased any of their products for a while. I use Windows Media Player to do my thing and I only use iTunes when I’m messing around with iPod. I even delete the Safari package they attach to my iTunes update. There really is no incentive for me to use Ping. I suspect the same for many other people as well.

Better off sticking to Twitter.

But you never know right? Apple was in the dumps when Jobs wasn’t around but it’s certainly made a comeback. I honestly think Apple should be more flexible in their approach. Right now the entire thing is quite static. There’s no 3rd party involvement, no importing… just nothing. It’s just there for the sake of being there. Kind of like a Facebook page that nobody joins *cough* After all why join Ping and do all this stuff when Twitter, Facebook and all that good stuff are out there being fabulous?

Ping is currently available to 160 million. It’ll also be available on the iPod and iPhone product lines. Also at the Apple Conference, Jobs hinted that the iTunes logo would no longer feature the CD (hint hint #10) to emphasize the change in focus.

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