Turn Your iPhone Into A Stethoscope

Firstly, I’m a bit skeptical. This sounds kind of like the lie-detector app that does nothing but serve you random yes’s, no’s, and definitely maybe’s. It also appears to be in the same vein as martial art tutorials that teach you to knock men out without ever touching them. That is to say, complete and total bollocks.

But no. This iPhone app is for real. It’s only shred of legitimacy comes from the fact that it was developed by Peter Bentley at University-College London. It’s also used by doctors worldwide right now who have opted to use this in place of a traditional, works-for-sure stethoscope.

Think about that for a second…

The Stethoscope app cleverly makes use of the iPhone’s audio mic, camera and accelerometers. It takes a reading and shows the specs on the iPhone display. The scouting report is that the app is being downloaded ~500 times a day. Not necessarily by doctors but by amused people like you and I.

There’s also a Pro version. It’s 99 cents but it’ll remove the embedded ads and include extra features. My Doctor better be a Pro if he’s using this.

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