Paul Allen Sues The Entire Internet

Somebody is going to get their ass handed back to them.

Paul Allen is a business phenom. He’s co-founder of Microsoft and he spends his time being completely zen at Vulcan Inc.

But this… this is something different.
Allen is suing Google, Apple, AOL, Facebook, Netflix, OfficeMax, Staples, Yahoo!, YouTube and NetFlix over patents that were created by *oh wait* the company no longer exists.

Interval Research was founded in 1992 by Paul Allen but was dissolved in 2000. It’s primarily a research firm and the patents under its name involve technologies that seriously affect the way we  surf and do business online. One of the patents involves technology serves up related searches & user suggestions that would be particularly useful say after watching a video or reading an article. *cough*YoutubeFacebookGoogleApple*cough* Sorry, really bad cough. Allen is contesting four patents and I’m going to assume that each of them pack considerable weight.

Experts are saying that Allen’s lawsuit is vague and unclear. No duh. But, if Allen is making legitimate claims, then this whole thing is bigger than Google, Apple and the whole lot combined. I would actually judge him for keeping his suit so comparatively small. I mean the entire web, the apps we use… everything is touched by just one of Allen’s supposed patents. On another note. Allen is going up against Google. The freaking juggernaut. He’s also going up against Apple. These are the guys that (last I checked) have yet to compensate the original creator of the iPod. There are also 9 remaining behemoths. Oy vay.

If Paul Allen wins…
If Paul Allen loses…

Somebody is going to get their ass handed back to them.

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