Free Bumper Cases For Apple iPhone 4 Owners


I’m not entirely sure if this is because of the Chuck Schumer incident, but it seems like Apple is stepping up and handing out free bumper cases to iPhone 4 owners. We all know about “antenna-gate” and the “death grip” debacle but I can’t help but wonder that all the bad press could have been avoided had this been done earlier.

According to Steve Jobs at today’s Press Conference, iPhone return rates are surprisingly low and that there have been few AppleCare complaints about reception issues.

But that don’t matter. Apple is utilizing it’s enormous lump of wealth to send out free bumper cases to you guys through September 30th. Say you already bought a bumper? Not to worry. A refund is in order.

Next week you’ll be able to order your free iPhone 4 case on and it’ll be shipped directly. Free. Is that better?

Oh btw

*Cough cough Chuck Schumer cough*

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