US Senate Gets Involved In iPhone 4 Reception Problem


This is Chuck Schumer. And it looks like he knows something we don't.

Wow. This has officially gotten way out of hand.

Chuck Schumer of the New York Senate just issued a press release demanding that Apple deliver a “clearly written explanation” on their reception problem. *Laughs uncontrollably*

You got to be kidding me. Being honest here, I never really knew that this was the sort of thing that Senators concern themselves with, although admittedly, Apple’s iPhone 4 problems should definitely be fixed immediately. I’m telling you guys, this has got to be personal. Maybe Schumer bought the iPhone 4 for himself but was absolutely humiliated, I mean put to shame by his legislation friends when he couldn’t make a 10 second phone call. Or maybe Schumer got the iPhone for his wife but since she couldn’t put it to use, she’s angry, and he’s sleeping on the couch. And now they’re not talking.

At any rate, Schumer has called a press conference – tomorrow. Somebody seems to have too much time.

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