Play Games, Get Girls on New Social Network

Well… not exactly.CoolGamesWorld_GameCrush_Playstation Though admittedly, that may be the dream for a substantial part of the population.

There’s a new start-up out there that capitalizes on the Jeff Albertson, geek in all of us. It hurts, because you know it’s true.  Anyway, the start-up is known as GameCrush – part social network and part online dating site that frankly, seems a bit risqué. Which may not be a bad thing. Anyway, at last month’s E3 conference, people presented new technologies and innovations in their respective fields. Among the highlights were Nintendo’s 3D Handheld system, Microsoft’s XBOX-compatible Kinect and two ladies cursorily known as Amber Syn and Gina Tran (these don’t sound like real names). They wore short-shorts and tank tops that read provocative statements like “Play Me.” Wow.

Now I’m not making this up. As part of the GameCrush program, Amber Syn and Gina Tran are known as “PlayDates.” Not that much better then Playboy’s “Playmates.” The idea is that the predominantly male gaming demographic can meet women whilst playing Halo. I think the program will also include Call Of Duty as well. But these titles are tentative. Hey look, a tic. Let’s pat it.

I don’t know what to make of GameCrush. On the one hand, it seems like there’a lot of money to be made here given the sheer number of video game enthusiasts online. Add to that, the site apparently has a roster exceeding 5000 PlayDates, so you get to choose the ones you’d like. They’re also categorized in terms of Dirty, or Flirty, although I seriously think that should be phased out. I was slightly confused at first; not knowing how the system functioned. For all we know, your PlayDate on the other side could be another Jeff Albertson. But turns out it’s actually a glorified WebCam session, albeit with a girl, one would hope. Which brings me to my next point…  I’m not sure anybody would pay for this.
*Cough* Omegle *Cough*

I mean, check out the rates (though they might have gone up last I checked):

  • $4 for 10 minutes on Xbox Live
  • $4 for 6 minutes of flash-based online games. Stuff like Battleship, or the always lame Connect four.

Listen to the rubbish. $4 for 10 minutes? Halo matches ought to last longer then that and I guarantee you’ll make no strides with your Playdate. I also kinda assumed that the crappy games featured on Instant Messenger would strike cheaper but evidently, I’m dumbfounded. This business will either A) Do decent, or B) Fail astronomically.

GameCrush seems more like a fad.
It’s slogan is, “Be a player.”
That I will, that I will.

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