Vuvuzela Sounds Suck. Use Hacks And Stop Them.



I hate the vuvuzela horn. I genuinely do.

That’s why I’m so confused when the nice, educated, gentlemen at Youtube embedded a vuvuzela button on their video players. Out to get me probably.

Turns out I’m not the only one that shares this same sentiment.

Vuvuzela fighters unite.

Broadcasters for the 2010 FIFA World Cup have all worked toward fixing this annoying problem. Niclas Ericso, director of the TV division at FIFA has blatantly and overtly remarked…

“We are still working to improve the sound.”

For the time being, networks are doing their best to mute the sound. However, they’re also too afraid of pissing off the fans. FIFA people are rumored to be insane you see. They happen to enjoy it. But for like-minded individuals such as you and I, we can use Elgato. Yes, I just said that word. It’s an online TV service that uses a function to reduce Vuvuzela-induced ear blood.

Ah! Another solution. You can also go to and grab a $3.60 download of an MP3 file. Play it, and it’ll cancel out the low-frequency noise.

Or if you’re particularly thrifty, and you own a TV equalizer, you could hypothetically drop the 300Hz band as low as possible. It’s got to be very low though.

But for others, the Vuvuzela seems to be inherent to the 2010 FIFA experience. They need it and want it. I do not want. Even established organizations like are fans of the World Cup. They’ve created an iPhone app that broadcasts that infuriating noise, thus explaining why there’s a recent surge in lizard deaths. After all, it has been downloaded 4.5 million times.

On another note, go Spain.

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