The New Machete Trailer Kicks Serious Ass



I guarantee you’ll grow more chest hair after watching this.

Danny Trejo’s “Machete” is… just…. holy shit, just… holy shit.  I watched the Youtube video like 8 or 9 times but have yet to find some discernible plot. But there’s Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba. So that makes things okay. And of course there’s Steven Seagal, which for me, is an added treat. At the risk of sounding less intelligent, I’m really looking forward to watching a man like Seagal. If he behaves anything like he did in his police “show” we can expect plenty of weird, hackneyed aphorisms, like “don’t aim the bullet, be the bullet.”  I’m not watching the film if it’s not funny.

But with epic dialog like…

“I took a vow of peace, and now you want me to help you kill all these men?”
“Yes Padre.”
” Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”
<Double shotguns>

…how could it not be?

Who’s watching?

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