New iPod Touch In The Making? Take A Sneak Peek Now.


iPhone4 just got released, albeit along with a bevy of problems. You probably know about them.
Anyway, it’s likely that a new, iPod touch is on the way. Though there’s no official designation, let’s be avant-garde my friends, and call it… iPod 4.

Rumors in the UK say that iPod 4 will handle Facetime (video conferencing) and it’ll feature 5MP digital cameras. HD capabilities are a likelihood with the device shooting at 720p. LED-Flashed cameras are also a must. What else can we stuff into this iPod 4? Assuming the iPod will utilize similar upgrades seen in the iPad, let’s include the iOS4 operating system, and an A4 processor.

September release? Fingers and toes crossed readers.

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