New Starcraft II Hardware Shows Others How Well You Play


The Spectre. $80... gone.

There is new PC hardware out there. It is Starcraft-themed and I gather that many of you out there, want it. The new hardware line includes the Marauder (keyboard), the Spectre (mouse) and the Banshee (headset). Look at those babies, sleek, outrageously sexy and very expensive looking.

That’s because they are. Drool my friends.


The Marauder. $120... gone.

Here’s what makes Starcraft II hardware real special: Each utilize LEDs that respond to info-data pumped out by Blizzard’s servers. These include a player’s actions on a per-minute-basis. Basically if you’re averaging 200 actions per minute, the LEDS glow green. Up to 400 and they’ll glow yellow and over 400, seething red. Go to Korea, spectate a pro-gaming tournament and the hope is that the entire room is lit up with a shade of super-pink. Also, if things are killing your units, the keyboard will flash to warn you. But the entire setup is pretty customizable.


And The Banshee. $120... gone.

So let’s see. 80+120+120… carry the two…  who’s dropping the $320?

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