Counterstrike: Source Available On The Mac With New Updates. Get It Now.


Counterstrike is a real granddaddy of online FPS video games. Personally, I purchased Source several years ago but neglected to play it because Call Of Duty was beginning to look very interesting. But, there were good memories, albeit odd ones; the clearest one being playing CS 1.6 when I should have been designing fancy boxes on AutoCAD. Oh yeah. What were we talking about?


Counterstrike: Source is finally gonna be on the Mac.  Valve smartened up and it’s gonna include achievements, online stats, certain engine improvements and even a Death Cam. Why wasn’t this featured earlier on Steam? You can buy the video game now for a surprisingly reasonable $6.80 This is certainly something to bide the summer by, you know, if you can’t get your hands on COD4.

Hurry up and get your copy. Everybody runs faster with a knife.

UPDATE:  You’ll be able to play CS  Source on either PC or Mac with your download.

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