Easy Way To Fix iPhone 4 Reception Problems


Jobs has released yet another product. The iPhone 4 is beautifully curved, sleek, wondrously sexy and has an uncanny ability to make lots and lots of money. The damnest thing however is that it also has an uncanny ability to not take phone calls.

For the time being, iPhone 4 is plagued with reception problems that seem to be triggered when touched. Apple suggests that you circumvent the problem by avoiding as much contact with the iPhone as possible which to me, seems genuinely very stupid. It’s kinda like saying to a poor person that they’d be better off if they were rich. Curiously however, the problem can be temporarily solved if you buy one of Apple’s Bumper cases (ooh conspiracy). $30 for the fix doesn’t seem to be too bad, but for the cash-strapped it is. Thank goodness for the Internet.


A man by the name of Oliver Nelson has found that rubber-band bracelets serve as viable alternatives. Oh you’ll find these everywhere. On the streets, in your dining room or even “for free” at local charity booths. Really all you would do is stretch it round the iPhone and if you’re extra available that afternoon, you could cut little spaces for the headphone jack, the dock connectors and any possible interfaces. Dude! You practically saved $30. Funny thing is that your iPhone 4 is probably packaged using fat rubber bands.

Happy modding.

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