Dr. Cool Is Back


Yet another innocuous suggestion

This, my friends is an epic occasion.

Months have passed by since my last correlative update (an inside joke I’m afraid) For those that haven’t been in the know, quite a lot has happened.

  • The Olympics (I got the flashy Coke bottles)
  • BP’s monumental oil screw-up
  • Microsoft’s release of the ill-named Kinect
  • The E3 Conference
  • Fedor Emelianenko’s tap-out, perhaps the biggest event of them all

Yes indeed, quite an eventful 6-9 months. All the blogging that could have been done, but really wasn’t.

And yes! But what of me? What have I accomplished during this unprecedented hiatus? What little affinities, likes and predilections have I (regrettably) developed?

  • I’m really into 2PM now
  • I’ve discovered Blackadder
  • I’ve found that COD is incredibly addicting
  • I now understand the secret behind George St.Pierre’s athletic prowess
  • I crave chopped scallop rolls habitually (due in part to a dare I largely regret taking)
  • I’m still running up that hill

Thing is, I’ve been busy busy busy. It is also very possible that I’ve just been to all of Europe and all of Asia. But in that time, I’ve revamped my site, as plainly seen. I gave it a new look, and I armed it with new goodies. Things are revamped, reinvented… even recalibrated, so to speak. And so my friends, I hope this blog post kick-starts a successful era for CoolGamesWorld. I’ll be sure to talk about the ass-kicking games, the awe-inspiring gadgets and the cutting-edge technologies that have been cornerstones of this place.

So there it is friends. I’m ready for it. Are you?

Games. Gadgets. Technologies … Cool Recalibrated.

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