Vivid Entertainment Predicts LOTS Of Boobs On Your PS3

I suppose it’s only inevitable that something as sexy as pornography plants its long legs onto the PS3. I can confidently say that this can only lead to some very good business.

Admit it, you clicked.

You clicked.

Head executive of Vivid Entertainment Steven Hirsch recently opined that proprietors such as Japan’s DMM could, and possibly should, stream adult content onto the PS3 entertainment system.

This is of course tentative because DMM has made no formal requests to have their content stuffed onto the Sony Network. Though one has to realize that it probably will. The only thing that concerns me from a business perspective is that you can pretty much get Japanese-paraplegic-midget-niche porn in every dark corner of the Internet. Who needs PS3?

“Tom sat on a nail” is clearly a euphemism for what’s about to happen.

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