Hideo Kojima Talks About A New Metal Gear Solid Sequel


Hideo Kojima, The Man behind Metal Gear has dictated an open letter to all the Jeff Albertsons around the world. Eh-em, his fans, I mean his fans!

There will be a sequel, and it will be magnificent.

The name of the game?  ”Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker” kinda like Walker, Texas Ranger, only without the beards or the punishing roundhouse kicks.

This upcoming game is apparently huge as it is a full-fledged title requiring “hundreds of hours to complete,” meaning that the game had better be real good.

Kojima is racking up the work hours as we speak. According to him, he’s going to be involved in all aspects of this project. Gameplay, design, artistic direction, story; everything is tightly knit under his Baskin Robbins shirt.

As for the story…
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is set in the 70s in a very exotic Costa Rica, close to a decade after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3. The plot is going to be deeper and decidely grit-ti-er as we’re going to see Solid Snake question his purpose in the war when he’s defending a nation without the help of a military.

Existential Crisis

Existential Crisis

But GASP! The game’s going to be on a freaking PSP. I know what you’re thinking, crap graphics. But Kojima affirms his attention to the game’s look by saying, “we don’t plan on making any compromises with the graphics.” He assures the fanbase that the art team has been “producing PS3 quality” games for so long, that it will make you “wonder if this is really a PSP game.”

To make this whole deal even sweeter, Kojima tells us that the game will have stuff unique to the PSP system and a different gameplay system. So let’s hope it doesn’t mean strategy.

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