UPDATE – Hitachi’s SimpleTOUGH Hard Drives Aren’t That Tough [VIDEO]

Been browsing on YouTube again.


The Video
A man on a ladder has his hands perched up to a carefully measured 9 ft. He gracefully lets go and sends the tiny Hitachi drive plummeting to its concrete demise. He does it again.

The Lesson
Hitachi’s hard drives are not tough.  Even though the hardware itself seems fine, interfacing it with your computer will leave you with a complete blank. Also, SimpleTOUGH drives suck.

The Other Lesson
Always wait for people like this to test out hardware myths.
He has a broken hard drive — but we do not. Haha, total win.

SimpleTOUGH Hard Drives By Hitachi Are Tough Suckers

The cowards took the video off Youtube. My commentary might not be much, but I hope you had a chuckle. Now check out my other articles and thoughts.

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