Netscape Backs Up New Mysterious Browser

Netscape lost the Browser War a few years ago when Microsoft gave it a massive spanking.

Undeterred, the Marc Andreesen team (Netscape co-founder) has jumped ship onto another ‘mysterious new browser’ that looks at taking the fight back to Microsoft again.

"My plan is going to be THIS big!"

"My plan is going to be THIS big!"

The new browser that they speak of is actually being developed by a company called RockMelt. It’s going to be badder and meaner because according to Andreesen…

other browsers had not kept kept pace with the evolution of the Web, which had grown from an array of static pages into a complex network of Web sites and applications

So what does this mean?
Andreesen is telling us folks that most of our basic computing is done through a browser; which is categorically true. We can watch videos online, view photos online, listen to tunes online and even edit word documents online.

Essentially any new browser that surfaces in the future would do things differently just because of the evolution of the Internet itself.

Even though Microsoft may have dominated the globe with its fancy software and now ubiquitous Internet Explorer, the Web game has already changed with the inception of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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