New Races Announced For World Of Warcraft. Very Big Deal To Some.


First off let me mention that I don’t play Warcraft, even though I receive several emails highly recommending that I should. Oh I bet those guys truly pursue the WoW lifestyle. They probably lead prosperous lives online, have virulent conversations over Life Mana and work laborious jobs in the lucrative mines of Dorgen-shanko-radminisky, or another fictitious ass-of-a-place.  Now imagine what would happen if I told these hardcore devotees that World Of Warcraft would soon feature two new playable races.

*Gasp* I think I heard some heads explode. Now mind you I got this info while I was browsing the unofficial WoW website (yes I know), so nothing is set in stone. But all that aside, it’s speculated that the Horde will get the Goblins and The Alliance will get a race of wolf-people affectionately known as the Worgens. These names mean very little to me but evidently mean much more to the hundreds of millions WoW users out there who take this sort of thing very seriously. Well, that’s all I got for now.

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