MyBlogLog On Dr. Cool Says

After being in the game for some time, I’ve finally added MyBlogLog to the site. Yeah, I know it still needs work. But I’ll work the code out eventually. Anyway, What MyBlogLog allows me to do is assign each reader a face. There are a couple reasons why MyBlogLog is so great.

Whenever a member checks out my site, their picture automatically pops up in that section. Clicking on that image takes you to their profiles, with their friends and their networks. Pretty nifty feature. MyBlogLog also tracks web traffic. You know, where your readers are coming from, top clicks, outgoing links etc. I’m currently using the pro-version, but since its on a trial basis, it’ll revert back to Standard in 3 days. Already, my blog has been listed in the Hot Communities section; but I’ve yet to get followers. So if you’re a MyBlogLog member, please join my community. It’s great to connect with other readers of this blog, and you can show those readers some of your stuff as well.

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