New Camera By FujiFilm Delivers 3D Images Without Glasses

Fuji’s new cam shoots pics in three dimensions. Good thing is that you won’t need a pair of goggles to enjoy the whole experience.


Fujifilm's FinePix Real 3D W1

But how do we explain this wondrous magic? The cam makes use of a pair of lenses which snap simultaneously. The images are digitally woven via a proprietary processor, creating your 3D image. Sweet. Normally I’d expect a rather bulky package… but the whole thing is rather slim thereby imparting a large sense of value. Believe it or not, you’re also given access to a 3x optical zoom. Pleasant. Moreover the dual lenses allow you to shoot two non-3D images at once. Hypothetically you could capture a wide angle or close-up of the same thing, or a black-and-white and sepia of the same thing. But as of yet, I have no idea what these 3D images look like or what the assumedly hefty price tag is going to be.

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