Samsung Develops World's First Nightvision Cellphone

Samsung owns a line of cellphones that are minutely different from one another. They finally bring out the big guns. The SCH-W760 is the first mobile armed with night vision powers. According to Samsung, this goodie is perfect for videoconferencing in the dark — which sounds funny.

Personally, I never knew that kids these days were into nocturnal video conferencing. And even if they were, I sincerely doubt that they’re telling the truth. Look at the picture I’ve included. The night vision seems well-suited for capturing images of owls, cats and the like.

Additonal Specs
3 megapixel camera
2.8 inch flat screen capable of 200 x 400 Resolution

The SCH-W760 retails in Korea first. Hopefully, it’ll make an appearance in the North American market.

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