Do it yourself! Build Knockout Power In 3 Simple Exercises

Ever throw a punch?


Hurts lots

Any martial artist worth their salt will quickly tell you that the secret in maximizing damage is turning on and off your muscles — kinda like a switch. In traditional karate, throwing a solid right hand should begin with force at the bottom of your right foot, up through your abdominal core then straight through the knuckles. Speed equates to power. And to do that, your muscles have to be extremely relaxed. Consider a world class striker like Mohammed Ali. While it’s entirely possible that the Strongmen you see on TV can lift more then Ali, none can match the striking power he delivers. Ali knows when to tighten up his glutes, abdominals and lats the exact moment he lands a punch.

Incorporate these exercises into your training regiment and then show yourself off at the MMA gym.

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