New Eye-tracking Technology From Oculis Labs Makes Other See Gibberish

New internet security tech from Oculis Labs Inc.

What it’s called: Chameleon

Cryptography in a box

What it is:
Software that enables you the reader to freely browse through documents. It shields your stuff from pesky hackers and more importantly, the annoying people standing behind you.  ”Shoulder-surfers” as they are called.

But how?
Chameleon requires a camera peripheral which scans your eye. A reading pattern is digitally determined and after a 15-second calibration period, the software works out the kinks itself. Having understood your reading pattern, Chameleon will gradually unscrable words at a reader-defined pace whilst mixing up text in other regions. Effectively, everyone but you sees monkey gibberish. This stuff is aimed toward military intelligence and the like.

A user friendly version of Chameleon, dubbed PrivateEye uses a simple webcam and blurs the monitor interface whenever you turn away. It’ll detect foreign faces and in doing so triggers an alert screen, thereby informing the reader that something is afoot.

If you’re up for it, you can download it here for around$19.95.
Personally, I find it cheaper to install a lock.

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