Making The Wii Less Safe

The Nintendo Wii games are notoriously known for their ability to hurt people and expensive in-house items. Gaming add-ons such as peripherals only emphasize this.

First off: bowling is not a sport, and those caught playing it should be punished.

I smell lawsuit

Playing the Wii kinda makes injury inevitable, an inevitability that is further ensured by the Wii Bowling Ball, a device that was designed with authenticity in mind; and given the context (indoors & near people) that is truly bad idea.

We have a sphere that looks and probably feels like a bowling ball.
Essentially, you slip in the Wiimote and stick your fingers inside a few slots. To a few, the prospect of playing titles such as Wii BowlingBrunswick Pro BowlingTen Pin Alley 2 is just too good to pass up. But I don’t share that same sentiment.

Swinging the gizmo with enthusiasm only amplifies the potential for destruction. After all, to err is to be human and it looks highly likely that on one of those days, you’d actually throw the ball, and hurt the eight year old standing behind you.

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