The Sniper Update

Oh Mr. Sniper, please don’t aim at us.

The Aussie sharpshooter has even more goodies tucked in underneath his sleevies, thereby enhancing his skills by a factor of one-thousand. This is at least what Valve tells me. And they’ve convinced me to talk about a patch.

What you get

A very fashionable bow and arrow set.

Two new arena maps. One is a mind-contorting maze made interesting with the use of knives. The other has a large pit of cancer which, if you fall into, will make you die.

A new game mode that for the oddest reasons  involves pushing a cart up a hill.

Hope you find it awesome. You should know that the new content should be up for grabs as of now. It is certainly free, awesome in every which way and is likely unavailable on XBOX Live for those who dislike gaming on their desktops.

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