Moy Bien

Look at that car! It’s Moy.

The man behind it, Elvis Tomljenovic remarks that his concept is means for people to “express themselves and communicate with others.” It earned him high accolades at a tech contest because of the possibility that video could be played on the car’s surface. The Moy is made of polycarbonate layers, liquid crystals, and LED lights. In short, a very EXPENSIVE TV SCREEN. And one can see that herein lies the opportunity to truly express yourself — whatever the hell you want. Those with creativity can design some spanking pattern. Those with guts can play video of themselves singing. Or if you have the means, mount cameras on the outside and display live footage on the big screen. Invisible car baby!

Or even better. Put this feature on an Aston Martin with missiles, machine guns and bombs.

Oh wait…

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