Jack Black Destroys Demons Using Rock

I’m unfamiliar with the plot, not that I care.
There is this game called Brutal Legend, a game that is heavily favoured by the awesome Jack Black. First impressions suggest that this is something in the style of God-Of-War; that is smashing and dashing without regard for realism or cost. And to be honest, it doesn’t seem like I’m wrong. However, instead of using the mighty Artemis Blades, you unleash the holy power in all that is rock.

Look at that hair.

Brutal Legend
is the work of Tim Schafer, the guy responsible for recent works such as Full Throttle and Psychonauts. But that’s ok. Schafer is capable of some top-notch writing. He’s built up a kind of reputation so that in the game world, he’s regarded as some sort of funny man. The jokes are general enough so that any ordinary lay-person can enjoy a few debilitating chuckles, but are sharp enough to make clever references to Metallica and Gene Simmons’ frolicking tongue(s). Combine some snarky one-liners with Jack Black’s verbal explosiveness and you’ve got something of a dream. While I know shamelessly little about this, I do know that Jack Black’s character goes by the name of Eddie. I also know that Eddie wakes up one morning only to stumble into this world with like, all these demons and stuff. Tough break. I’m looking at some screenshots and I see Eddie fending himself against skeletal druids, robot nuns and disenfranchised apes.


He looks stoked though with his guitar and rock fist. Looking at a list right now, I can tell you that there are 23ish missions, 30 side missions… but only one Jack Black.
The game is slated for release in Fall.

3 guesses which one of these people is Jack Black.

May Rock Live Forever.

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