It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady Sings

Here is a screenshot of a fat lady going gun-fu with a sidearm.

Take a moment.
That is Lorna Scott, the doughnut swallowing machine from the plot-bending film, Wanted. Remember? She’s the one that played Janice (the big girl)? Strangely however, you can only play as Janice if you bought the videogame from Shelbyville, err… Wal-mart. The developers of the Wanted game sent along the following phrase, “the Janice character reeking havoc.” Aptly said, because if there’s one thing worse then WREAKING havoc, it’s REEKING it. Pretty smart, and pretty marketable thing to include hidden, unlockable characters like Janice; even if you can only get her at Wal-mart.

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