Can You Smell It Now?

I’ve always relished the idea of really being in the film while watching it and for that matter, I’m sure many others have as well. Over the years, new technologies have augmented the overall movie experience and to that end, we’ve seen the rise of surround sound, hi-definition imaging, so on and so forth. Naturally, the next step up the ladder would accommodate some other aspect of the five human senses. I’ve often mused as to what this may be. Could it be touch? Nah, too many lawsuits. Could it be taste? Too risky.


As it turns out, the proverbial “Smell-O-Vision” may soon dominate markets. A Portuguese gentleman by the name of Nuno Teixeira has worked in new ideas, bringing in various fragrances and odours into the scenes you’re watching. His concept, dubbed SMELLIT makes its way to noses through aroma cartridges that release smells based on contextual information marked in your film

Consider the situation: A character in a movie is cleaning the mud of his Doberman pinscher.

SMELLIT carries out the following

The console reads information embedded in the DVD movie.

It selects the appropriate combination of fragrances (or in this case, odour) that best correspond to the scene.

A small built-in fan cranks out the wet slimy goodness that is inherent to foul canines.

To be honest, this could work for the better or for the worse. Since Teixeira has not remarked as to how strong the smells may be, what you experience may range from the incredibly pleasant to the unbelievably pungent. But judging from designer renderings, SMELLIT is certainly suited to accommodate all scenarios. How would outer space smell like? How would Peter Griffin’s trademark rips fare?

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