New Rumours From Apple That May Or May Not Be True… Damn It All To Hell!

Rumours come… they go. I don’t want to ruin it, but it’s basically a bigger iPod Touch.

Like I said, huge.

Like I said, huge.

Apple is generating some new buzz, and its hell bent on driving the world crazy once again. Perhaps you’ve witnessed a similar phenomenon when the iPhone was in the talks (there were parody commercials, malicious quips, so on and so forth). Anyway, the media-dubbed “Mac Tablet” is rumoured to sport a 7 – 9 inch screen, an optical drive, run Mac OSX… but I can tell you right now that this is largely untrue. It probably won’t have useful (but heavy) hardware that you can take around. But the big touch screen is something I wouldn’t discount.

I’ve gotta say, the next thing that Apple should do to make obscene stacks is to come up with a Tablet computer. All they’d need to do is make the screen bigger, tweak a few lines of code and then POW!!! people lining up to give money. But who knows? Maybe Steve Jobs is no longer intent on making the big bucks and he’s tired of coming up with brilliant money sucking solutions like iPhones, iPods, iPod reincarnated…

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