The Bump Cube Actually Exists

So why are we making it harder?

The classic cube creates mind-boggling sequences based on colours. This new one messes with the geometrical aspect of the game. The 27 cubes requires some tactical permutation on your part because each little cublet is sized differently. But seriously, peeling off the stickers and resticking them in tricky places won’t bring about good results. If you are hard up to solve one though, you’re gonna have to import one from Tokyo. It costs around twenty bucks.

I’m still wondering though, why are we making it harder? First we should consider that ordinary people think Cubers are cool. I say this like a mantra because the ladies love it. This new cube however, doesn’t go too far in terms of coolness. It is as you know, called the Bump. If you solve the Bump at school, or at the office, I guarantee that you will be committing reputation suicide. People who solve Rubik’s Cubes are called Cubers. People who solve Bump Cubes are called Bumpers. Who’s cooler? You do the math.

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