Poland – Actors Paid To Line Up For iPhone

Poland doesn’t like the iPhone. Most of us know that getting an iPhone in North America involves long waits, lineups and handheld fans. At least that’s what I’ve seen. The people of Poland do not need to endure this crap. And I cannot stress this enough: There is probably no one, in Poland, waiting in line for an iPhone. In fact, if you’re lucky enough, you could actually pick up a job standing in front of mobile carriers. Yes, money for lining up.

Orange, Poland’s largest mobile carrier has gone so far as to hire actors to hang around store fronts, creating an illusion that there is actual interest in the iPhone. So far, they’ve dispatched dozens to 20 locations. Hopefully, this will generate enough buzz for the Friday release. To be fair, the iPhone in Poland is actually quite pricey. The lowest rate offered by Orange runs for around 49 Euros ($72) and offers two hours of talk time, two hours of late evening and weekend minutes and 50 text messages. Jeez.

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