OLED Displays – Cool And Slim

We went from hefty pine boxsets, to MTV enhanced boob tubes, and then to those shiny liquid displays. Without the eggheads from circa 47’ we’d be pretty backdated if not sad. But then again, what’s to say that next year’s technological line won’t be equally disruptive? For all we know, thin innocuous strips capable of displaying digital images could be the next achievement. HA! Impossible.


Down in Seoul, Korea, a recent presentation of next-gen technology unveils wafer-thin OLED displays. They’re power efficient, self-illuminating and have the potential to dethrone energy guzzling LCDs.Organic Light – Emitting Diodes use 40% less energy then LCDs and are substantially thinner as they do not require backlighting. With regards to the product line presented in South Korea,the OLED screens presented there feature the same advantages but are capable of displaying 16 million colours.

Samsung Electronics, Reigncom and Kyocera have already integrated OLED technology into their leading lines. Among them are media players, cellular phones as well as a myriad of other electronic devices. With all the buzz, it would make sense that iPod would incorporate more efficient OLED screens into their four hour lasting iPhones. They were unavailable to comment.

However, regardless of OLEDs and their attractive technological benefits, it would take years for them to topple the LCD’s present influence upon the market.

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