Incorporating Motion In Cellphone Play

Recently in May, cellular phones covered by Japan’s NTT DoCoMo will feature software manufactured by GestureTek, a company based in Sunnyvale, California. As of now, there are approximately 70 games available for download, all of which are reliant on the user’s basic motioning of their handset. While the Wii uses accelerometers to detect motion, GestureTek’s innovation exploits phones with built in cameras to evaluate frame-by-frame variations through its viewfinder. In Fall 2007, Verizon customers will be capable of downloading GestureTek software enabling them to navigate the Net by a flick of the wrist.

GestureTek’s development and ultimate business maneuver is fairly innovative. GestureTek is capitalizing on new gaming concepts. However, with the mass embracement of the Nintendo Wii and its motion sensing feature, success for GestureTek seems likely. If GestureTek succeeds, they’d in effect revolutionize cellular gaming and ultimately, alter the way in which people perceive cellphone entertainment.