Cool Threads – PS3 Software Hooks

With the Playstation 3 in anticipation by many, I can’t help but wonder what other next-gen goodies its gaming software has to offer.  I mean c’mon, everyone has incessantly heard about what Blu-ray DVDs have to offer, but nothing in the featured games really stood out. At the last E3 convention, ‘Resistance Fall Of Man’ was greeted with sweeping oohs and aahs partly because of its pseudo intelligent baddies, scary gunfights and vivid surroundings. To be honest though, nothing in the videogame really impressed me, its supposedly evolved next-gen engine never really stood out. From first glimpse, ‘Resistance’ was clearly a PS3 game. But what I just insightfully described totally downgraded it so that it was more like a really shiny PS2 game. Furthermore, moderately hyped games like ’F.E.A.R’ really bombed. Demo after demo, I sampled games at E3 until the blisters on my hands grew blisters. Consequently, ‘Full Auto 2′ turned out to be a pretty good play; real ballsy. Visualize the game: Think ‘Burnout 3′ meets ‘Black’ with a huge bottle of Russian Vodka. From a faaaraway glance, what PS3 game do you think to be pretty ballsy?